Twelve Shorts in One Year


One of the reasons (among others) to launch this website was because I resolved to finish 12 films this year. Hence, this makes an excellent place to showcase them as I finish them. Now the real question is, will I manage to finish 12 films in a year? I will be as impressed as you are if I do… probably even more impressed than you are.

So whats on the slate:

Two films are going to go before camera this month (hopefully). Since I appear to like the idea of competition to get me producing, I’ll be shooting a third short for the CUFF 48 Hour Challenge this weekend and a short for Calgary Filmmaker’s Challenge by the end of the month (if I can nail down a bar/lounge location).

Plus, I have three films that I’ve been meaning to finish (in some cases for years), so a big part of the year will be getting these off my┬áconscience. So I’ve got a small edit, a big edit and a sound design on my hands.

That accounts for 5 of 12, so I better get on it… I’m already down a month this year.

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  1. One down!