Goths! On The Bus!

Today, I’m going to repost a video that Bad Lit just put up for the short film, Goths! On The Bus! For those of you who don’t know, Bad Lit is pretty much the definitive website about truly independent filmmaking. What are you waiting for? Add it’s RSS feed to your Google Reader already!

Now back to Goths! On The Bus!

I was on the awards jury for the 2010 $100 Film Festival and when I saw this short film during the jurying, I wanted to give it all the prizes. Sadly, not everyone on the jury agreed. Thankfully, the audience saw things my way and Goths! On The Bus! ended up with the audience favorite award. Sometimes, there is justice.

Karen & Jaimz Asmundson, keep up the good work!

Goths! On The Bus! from Jaimz Asmundson on Vimeo.

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