Brian Stockton: The Epic Story of My Life

I have become pretty obsessed with filmmaker Brian Stockton‘s documentary series The Epic Story of My Life.

The series currently stands (if I am up to date on it) at 4 parts and 4 appendixes. I saw Appendix B: The Man Who Built My Childhood first, a couple years ago at the Central Alberta Film Experience and it was one of the highlights of the festival. More recently, while working on the CSIF‘s Canadian Diaries screenings, I had the chance to watch Parts 1 through 4 and now I can’t get them out of my head!

The series is as a kind of cross between the personal mythologizing of Guy Maddin and the informed wit of This American Life.

Movieola is streaming All The Teachers I Have Known (The Epic Story of My Life Appendix A) if you want to get a taste for Brian Stockton’s Epic Story of My Life.

As for the rest, you should keep your eye out for any part of Brian Stockton’s series in any film festivals you’re at or you can buy the first three films, The¬†Saskatchewan¬†Trilogy, at Amazon!

UPDATE (31/08/10):

I got an email from Brain Stockton who informed me that he has just a one-hour doc My Dinner With Generation X (The Epic Story of My Life: The Adult Years). A website for the film will be up soon but you can check out the film’s facebook page – complete with trailer!

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