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Short Film Fundraiser!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Hey Everyone & Anyone!

How would you like throw your support behind some hard working filmmakers trying to put together short film?

I am working on a new short film called Uni starring stand up comedian and actor Darcy Michael. The short is a comic satire of Ex-Gay Reprogramming camps and the idea that someone can be trained to be “normal”.

We need to raise some capital to help pay for the production, so I have launched a crowd sourcing fundraiser on IndieGoGo to do just that.

As a bonus, not only will your donation help us, you’ll also get come COOL GIFTS for being our patron! You can get everything from a Uni button to an Executive Producer credit on the finished film!

So, please, give our fundraiser a look and consider donating something to the cause! (Or if you can’t donate right now, please pass the link to any friends that might be interested and you click the “feature it” button located under the perks on the Uni IndieGoGo page to get the whole fundraiser featured on the IndieGoGo homepage.)

Finally, here is our synopsis for the film for your reading pleasure:

Darcy loves nothing more than donning his homemade unicorn costume and fighting alongside his friends in epic live-action roleplaying battles. But when his family grows impatient with his “alternative lifestyle,” they pressure him into joining a bizarre treatment camp that promises to give Darcy everything his needs to finally become a normal guy.

WILL Darcy smite the forces of conformity and remain true to his true majestic-horned self? SHALL the minions of shame and self-loathing drag our stout-hearted hero into the black void of normalcy? WHAT titillating adventures await at the Senator Larry Craig Rest Stop on the I-64? IS there enough Mountain Dew Code red for the ride home in dad’s Volvo? DOES this beige windbreaker make my ass look fat? HOW many more questions can I ask before this motif becomes irritating?

…only time will tell. (Or will it? (Yes, it will))

This Time Last Year: International Film Festival Rotterdam

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Today, the 2011 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam is swinging into action.

Last year around this time, I was in Rotterdam attending the IFFR. Personally, it quickly became one of my favourite festivals. There were so many films to see, new and old. Screenings happening at 7 different theatres, day and night for 12 days. It was more cinema than I could have ever hoped to squeeze in. Plus, I am a big fan of the Netherlands so any excuse to travel there is a good one.

While I was attending the festival, the festival organizers were kind enough to allow me to attend a few of the industry sessions going on.

Specifically, these session were:

There Is Always A Right Festival For My Movie: Nikolaj Nikitin (Berlin FF) shares do’s and don’t’s for producers

Make The Most Of A Film Festival:  Industry pros Hayet Benkara (Reelworld FF, Toronto) & Mary Davies (Edinburgh FF) and festival specialists Paolo Moretti (Venice FF) & Rik Vermeulen (Transylvania FF) share tricks and tips


‘In Conversation’ With A Sales Agent: Mary Davies (Edinburgh FF) and sales agent Tine Klint (LevelK) talk about the do’s & dont’s of a sales agent

These sessions, as you might imagine, were incredibly illuminating for a filmmaker, like myself, who is trying to sort through the ins-and-outs of film festivals and distribution. I took a lot of notes during the sessions and later reworked my notes into an article that appeared in the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmaker‘s quarterly publication Answer Print.

So, in honour of the start of this year’s IFFR, please follow this link to the PDF version of Answer Print Spring 2010!

(Skip to page 23 for my article: What I Learnt At Rotterdam Intl Film Fest.)

Nokia N8: Direct and Project screening

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

For the last few months, I’ve been thinking that I would like to shoot a project on a handheld device.

Apparently, Nokia has developed a machine that reads my mind.

Three weeks ago, I was approached to create a one-minute short using Nokia’s smartphone, the N8. Not wanting to prove their mind-reading machine wrong, I did just that and now Nokia is going to screen it (in public no less), along with a bunch of other N8 photographed shorts, at the Vancouver Art Gallery. (Assuming I can finish editing it in time…)

So if you are in Vancouver on January 19th and can get on the guest list, come over to the art gallery (750 Hornby St) at 6:30 pm. If you do, you’ll get to see my one-minute short — Snapshots of a Home! (My thanks to Chris Illman from Womworld/Nokia for the opportunity to participate and for bringing me out to Vancouver!)

Oh, and if you’re curious about how the N8 worked, the video functions were pretty good. Shoots at 720p and even comes with some on-board editing software. As far as I could tell, the focus and exposure are can’t be set manually but the auto function does a good job taking a pretty picture. I’ll probably have my short up on the blog a few days after the screening so you’ll have your chance to see exactly what I was able to do with the N8.

See you in Van!